Agents compete to earn buyer/seller business. Sellers pay based on services they desire ! Buyers get bigger refund based on services they intend to use ! Agents save farming time, get ready principals, no referral fee until closing, lower commission bid may not mean lower pay rate!

Select a discounted real estate agent by getting agents to bid commission based on a level of service you desire. No obligations !

I am looking to
  • Find discounted real estate agent in auction
  • “Get bigger real estate commission rebate / refund based on what you use!” Buyer's agent refunds seller paid commission to buyer, based on service level buyer can choose in service tiers (Read definition here ).
  • Have realtors compete for your business - Get true market rate for commission.
  • Find discounted realtor through real estate commission bids
  • Get discount on listing broker commission proportional to services desired. Read the definition of service tiers seller can choose here .
  • Have real estate agents compete for your business- Get true market rate for commission.
  • Reduced spending on ads/marketing for real estate agents / real estate brokers.
  • No referral fee until you close a transaction with principal.
  • Get a ready customer with full profile and save
    "farming" time.
  • Bid lower commission proportional to effort, based on service tiers (Read definition here ), avoiding reduced pay-rate/hour.
  • Get alerts on new buyers and sellers.

How it works


1 Input property specification

Buyers and sellers open a detailed specification and estimates expected commission refunds/discounts based on the same. Agents get to know that they have a serious principal. Buyers/sellers further define what level of "services" they want - savvy principals can indeed choose lesser services and get bigger commission discounts/refunds.


2 Invite bids from agents

Buyer and sellers invite bidding either in Private or Auction mode. Only qualified agents (ranked internally by who meet a certain threshold are allowed to bid.


3 Receive bids to review

Receive a table of bids of commissions, agent experience and service tiers correlated to those bids. A large number of bids ensures that commissions get to a "market rate".


4 Shortlist up to 3 agents

In a successful referral, buyers and sellers can choose to contact up to 3 agents if they want to talk and meet, before selecting a final agent. Buyer's and seller's contact information is protected until they choose to create a successful referral.


5 finalize agent and complete transaction

Buyer and seller select final agent and complete their transaction for purchase or sale.


6 Enter feedback and review

Buyer and seller can continually track the transaction on and can enter reviews to benefit the agents and future buyers/sellers.



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