Why agents should prefer using Agentsdeal

  • Equal opportunity for agents with no upfront spending on advertisement and marketing.
  • No referral fee until you close a transaction with principal
  • Get a ready customer with full profile and save "farming" time.
  • Bid lower commission based on services expected; further get buyer representation agreements signed for deeper discount service tiers; lower commission may not mean reduced pay-rate.
  • Search for any new buyers and sellers in your area and expand your operations.

How Agents can use Agentsdeal.com

1. Register with Agentsdeal.com and fill in profile details

  • Register using your email address or supported social media logins. After login, you can fill in the detailed profile where in you will be asked to enter your contact detail, address, qualifications, your prior experience in representing buyer and/or seller as an agent, transaction details, etc.
  • To ensure quality of service to principals, Agentsdeal.com has to score you based on the profile information entered by you. You are only allowed to bid for principal's business if you meet minimum criteria set by Agentsdeal.com.
  • Agentsdeal.com is about bidding for commission level discounts/refunds based on levels of service expected by both buyers and sellers. Agentsdeal has defined 3 tier service model as initial starting point. Read SERVICE TIER DEFINITION for Buyer here and for Seller here

2. Find buyer or seller in your area and bid for their business

  • After registration with Agentsdeal.com and upon entering the profile details, if you are found to be eligible (i.e. meeting minimum criteria set by Agentsdeal.com) then you will see the list of already open property specification bids in your areas of interest. You can start bidding for these principal's business straight away.
  • While submitting your bid, we allow you to modify your biography, SOP and enter the bid amounts for refunds to buyer or amount of reduced commission to seller.
  • While we want to drive the commission to a lower "true market level", we also recognize that in a zeal to earn principal's business some agents may drop the commissions to an unhealthy low. That could hurt the quality of service to principal. Therefore we have limited the amount of commission refund for buyer initially to 40% of commission earned for full service tier, 50% for tier 2 and 60% for tier 3 and have limited the commission charged to sellers for listing to at least 1.5% for full service tier, at least 1% for tier 2 and 0.75% for tier 3.
  • Listing agent working for seller further shall not propose commission to buyer's agent in a range outside 2-3%, as the benefit of commission refund of buyer's agent shall go to the buyer who may choose to pass it back to seller, if he/she so desires, to reflect in a higher net to seller. The listing agent however, if working in a dual agency, as allowed by seller, can propose lesser commission for representing buyer that he finds directly without the help of a buyer's broker/agent.
  • To avoid blind selection of agents without talking to them, Agentsdeal.com enables a principal to select top 3 bids based on experience, service and commission, and allows principal to talk to up to 3 agents before making a final selection, though principal is free to make that selection at any point prior. However, when the agent's contact information is released for initial conversation, whether they become the final selected agent or not, a "successful referral" is created. A "successful referral" in summary implies that for that particular principal, if the principal were to be represented by the agent in a purchase/sale transaction that closes within a given period from the date of successful referral, the agent would owe a referral fee to Agentsdeal.com. Details of the same are provided in Referral Fee Agreement

3. Getting selected as a final agent, entering feedback and getting review from principal

  • Being honest, nice and professional in that first conversation with the principal could help you win their business.
  • You can track the transaction, put in your log of hours and activities on your account website to keep the principal well informed without actually having to point out to principal, the amount of work done. This also encourages the principal to write an agent review at the end, which helps you get future business.

How Agentsdeal makes money

  • Agentsdeal makes money through the referral fees for a successful referral created between agent and principal. For details on this, please review the Referral Fee Agreement that you agree to upon registration. Agentsdeal is a licensed broker in CA but does not compete or bid for principal's business for bids opened at Agentsdeal.com, unless no agents with at least a minimum qualification bid on principal's business
  • Agentsdeal is actively considering to launch a plan to further reduce industry overheads and not hurt agent payrates, where if Agentsdeal.com has taken a referral fee from the agent on a certain transaction, it may not take a cut of brokerage commission from agent if Agentsdeal were to act as the agent's broker for at least a certain period and number of transactions. If you are interested and want to be considered for this you will be asked to vote for this at registration time, before we implement this feature in near future

Agentsdeal ensures lowest commission without compromising agent's experience level and quality of service and without necessarily resulting in lower pay-rates for agents

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