Can I buy a home without paying a Real Estate Agent Commission? | Agentsdeal
Can I buy a home without paying a Real Estate Agent Commission?
November 26, 2017
Discounted Real Estate Agent Services for Sellers | Agentsdeal
Discounted Real Estate Agent Services for Sellers
December 25, 2017

If you are searching for discounted real estate agents for buying or selling your home, you might be wondering about what kind of services you may end up getting! Discounted Real estate agents who give a sizeable discount and yet provide you the quality services to fulfill your needs are not easy to find. To make sure of services given by discounted realtors, Agentsdeal has introduced Service Tier Based commission bidding by real estate agents for buyers & sellers.


Discounted Real Estate Agent Services for Buyers | Agentsdeal


Discounted Real Estate Service Tier for Buyers


Below table details, the functions that discounted real estate agents perform for buyers. If you find this description too complex, deeper discount (bigger refund) service tiers 2 & 3 are not for you and you should choose Full-service tier. However, if you believe you are a savvy buyer willing to participate, please read on, and you may choose deeper discount tiers 2 or 3. Below table suggests the extent of services in each tier, though alternate arrangements can be negotiated by agent & buyer.


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Full Service Tier

Service Tier 2

Service Tier 3

Approximate time anticipated to be spent by agent 100-200 hours 50-100 hours 0-50 hours
# of hours to understand buyer needs (in stages) 12+ hours 6-12 hours <=6 hours
# of hours on other detailed functions 12+ hours 6-12 hours <=6 hours
# of showings ( ~ 1-2hours/showing) 7+ 3-6 hours 2
# of properties comp analysis (1-3 hours/property) 7+ 3-6 hours 2
# of offers written; Each offer 2-6 hours 5+ 2-4 hours <=2
# of contract fall-through’s, and getting again into contract >2 <=2 <=1
Closing help after contract signing (see breakdown of this service #7 below) 25+ hours 13 to 24 hours <=12 hours

Service #7 activites detailed breakdown below

Contingency removal; contractual issues > 8 hours 4-8 hours < 4 hours
Conducts final verification of condition included included included
Present at COE, keys hand over and walkthrough included included included
Loan person referral; explaining lending issues included included referral only
Helping order inspections; interpreting inspection reports included included included
Seller disclosures, HOA, disclosures review, contract explanations included included included
Review of all loan docs and presence at signing included included not included
Showings for many reasons (contractors/other) after contract signing included 1 more showing not included
Post closing contractor referrals/other issues included not included not included
Post closing maintaining of records included included included
Post closing help in renting property extent to be discussed not included not included




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